Monitoring Form

In order to set you up for central station monitoring we will need the following information no later than 5 days prior to installation. Fields marked with a * are required. Please e-mail or call 1-800-639-1601 or 603-382-4433 if you have difficulty with this form. Thank you.

CALL LIST – This list will be called in the event that your alarm goes off and no one can be reached at home. Please be sure to add your own cell/work numbers to this list (even if listed above).

Note: Your “password” is a word that you will give to the central station in the event that your alarm is set off accidentally. You may give each person their own password or have one password that everyone will use.

USER LIST – This is a list of people that may be using the security system but would not need to be on the call list, such as a cleaning company.

The following questions will affect the manner in which calls to your home from the central station are handled.